Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Day of School

Tomorrow begins my first day at my new school. I am so excited to begin working with a new faculty and staff, and I am also looking forward to the changes this year will bring. I will finally begin working in an inclusion setting, but I will also have one general education class. I will also be in charge of creating the yearbook, which could prove to be a daunting task. On top of this, I will start my second year of grad school, try to raise my twins (with a little help from the hubs :) and hopefully lose some weight on the 24 day trim challenge. See more on that here.

One of my favorite things about heading back to school is parent orientation. I LOVE getting to meet my "babies" and their folks. In the past, I have tried several ways to get the parents involved in starting their child's year off right. This year, I have changed my strategy a bit. Instead of having parents write me a letter about their child, I created a typed form for them to fill out. I think this will be easier for the parents and I will get to read about their child WAY before school starts, instead of the first day.

You could really tweak this form any way you wanted. I actually have a letter for the parents to read when they come to orientation, explaining the purpose of the form. So, with all that said, it is time for putting babies to bed, and then mommy hitting the sack. I hope all of you have a fabulous Monday!

1 St Day Parent Letter

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