Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Things Kids Say...

This has been an interesting week. Here are two of the following conversations I've had in class:

Convo 1
Me: "Your comma goes after every three digits."
Student: "So my condom goes right here?"

Convo 2
Me: "Can someone tell me what remainder means?"
Student: "It's this thing you have at church that lasts forever."
Me: "I think that's revival actually."

My students are HILARIOUS, but also super unorganized. That's why I decided to color code EVERYTHING. It works well because the teachers the students pull out to do the same thing. I posted a large picture of my (free) shelving unit from Lowe's. Here is a closeup of my magazine files with the labels and color coordinated folders. The labels for the folders on the Second Week of School post.

I also have started posting a Quote of the Week outside my classroom door. It's fun to watch teachers and students alike stop and look at what I have up. I've even had a few ask me about the books the quotes are from.

Hope you have a fabulous week!

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