Saturday, August 6, 2011

IEP Checklist and Behavior Log

In the state of Tennessee, we are required to document all Special Education hours, modifications, accommodations, etc., for our SpEd students to legally qualify to take the TCAP MAAS (modified version of our state test). I created an easy checklist to hand to my curriculum coordinator that notes the SpEd hours, subjects for acc/mods, and other important info. Feel free to use if you like. I also created a behavior log for my class. I teach middle school, so smileys and colors don't work as well for me. I wanted something handy for each kid that I wouldn't have to print off every week. Check it out too!

 Behavior Log

* Since I have moved, I have updated the IEP checklist to include different information. The new version can be found below. I hope it helps you!

IEP Checklist


  1. I have been using your IEP checklist this school year and I really like it. I wanted to share a link to it on my blog , would that be okay?

  2. Yes! I am glad it has been useful. Feel free to share!