Monday, August 15, 2011

Second Week of School

Phew! Last week was super tiring! I didn't make it home til after 5:00 every night, and with church and the husband, it was hard for me to get on here and post. I have learned a lot about my kids in just six days, and I am very excited about the upcoming year. All of my students have one primary disability, while some have a secondary disability as well. Teaching will be challenging, but I know these kids are a lot smarter than their IEPs may lead me to believe. One thing I have done this year is set up color coded magazine racks for Math, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science folders. The students have a color coordinating folder to match. If they don't finish something, they simply put it in their folder and pull it out at a later time. It's worked well this week. What do you do to help your students stay organized?

Labels for the folders are below. They are 3 1/3" x 4".

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