Monday, March 18, 2013

Kindergarten Intervention

Recently, my reading coach (and teaching buddy) told me about four kindergarten students who had still not grasped the alphabet. In February, these students were naming, at most, 19% of the letters on the DIBELS exam. I told her I would gladly help since I had a free 30 minute block in my schedule. When I went to look through the students' materials, I was not very pleased. Scott Foresman does cover letters, however, it is in sequence. You may like that; I do not. As a college student we were taught that several three letter words could be made using s,t,a,n,i,p. Go ahead. Jot some down!

See? Why not teach students these letters first, THEN move on and add other consonants and vowels? That's what makes sense to me, but ol' Scotty F. never asked my opinion. Instead of moaning and griping about how I couldn't help these kids, I decided to use my resources...ahem, Teacher's Notebook, and create something. To your left is what I came up with.

This pack contains several activities, four traceable A's, four traceable S's, a matching sheet, writing sheet, and assessment sheet. Since I have a small group, I will just laminate each letter sheet and let them trace one A & S per day. The goal of this packet was to allow students to have something bright, colorful and fun that was also a learning tool. I hope you can use it in your classroom!

What do you do to help yours students learn the alphabet?

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  1. This is a GREAT resource! I bet those 4 Kindergarteners will do a lot better with this!!
    The Moffatt Girls